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The following privacy policy establishes protected from any information that the user has been able to add from its control panel, being this the one in charge.
The company hereinafter referred to as “Aj Arquitectura” ( is committed to ensuring privacy by protecting by all means at its disposal.
Aj Arquitectura may change this privacy policy at any time and without prior notice, such changes will be reflected in this document. You can visit our website every time period in order to ensure the changes reflected by Aj Arquitectura.

Aj Arquitectura is an architectural firm.

What information do we collect? In Aj Architecture we collect the following user information: Name, surname, address, telephone, company, cipher, postal code, country, emails, registration date, username and password (the latter being encrypted in md5 for protection ).

Security Our datacenters are monitored.
This datacenter is responsible for storing user data on a protected server.

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